Alla Dolce Vita
Hotel style accommodation in Lucca
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Alla Dolce Vita Guesthouse is situated just inside the walls of Lucca, a stone's throw from the 12th century church of San Frediano and a short stroll from the Roman amphitheatre, lined with open-air bars where you can sit with a glass of spumante or a gelato and watch Lucca stroll by.
The accommodation is on the end of the Via Fillungo, Lucca's most prestigious shopping street which snakes past palaces, boutiques and restaurants in to the heart of the city. The Fillungo is at its best in the early evening, when everyone is out seeing and being seen in all their finery! .

This is a virtual tour of what we offer to our clients:

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Lucca is a lovely little town, Less busy than its neighbours Pisa and Florence, Lucca has a tremendous amount to offer the visitor. . Completely enclosed by a monumental 15th century fortified wall, and surrounded by a grassed defensive moat, Lucca is impressive enough on first sight. But explore further and you'll learn to love the town. There are museums, churches (including a fine cathedral), restaurants, bars and shops, all packed within narrow mediaeval streets following the original Roman plan. In Lucca, the pedestrian comes before the car, and you can spend hours wandering through beautiful squares, visiting the Duomo or one of the dozen museums, or hire a bike and cycle around the top of the city wall - a great way to see the town and its surroundings. Then relax in one of the dozens of superb bars, coffee shops or restaurants.
If you want to see more of Tuscany, Lucca is an ideal starting point. Florence is only an hour away and it doesn't take much longer to get to Siena or the vineyards of Chianti. Sun lovers can strike for the Versilian beaches (30 minutes) or the Cinque Terre, while nature lovers can head up into the alpine parks of the Garfagnana. The nearest airport is Pisa (30 minutes), world famous for its Leaning Tower

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